Why Hire A Criminal Defense Attorney

To Protect Yourself From Serious Consequences

No matter what you have been charged with, you could face serious consequences if you are convicted. Yes, you could face fines. Yes, you could face jail time. Even if you think that your charge is minor, you could be left to deal with a variety of surprising consequences if you do not choose to defend against them. An experienced criminal defense attorney can help you prevent these consequences.

Employment Consequences

A criminal conviction can not only bar you from seeking and maintaining employment, it can cost you your job. If you have a career in law enforcement or in the military, this is especially true. In today's competitive job market, a criminal conviction can mean the difference between getting the job and being passed over in favor of someone without a criminal record. This is true not only for convictions for felony charges, but even for charges you may consider minor, such as drunk driving (DUI) or another misdemeanor.

School Consequences

Applications for schools and grant money often ask if you've been convicted of a crime. This is something that will be taken into consideration. You could be passed up in favor of a candidate with a clear record. Your education, your future career and your future income could be jeopardized.

Immigration Consequences

If you are not a citizen of the U.S. and are accused of a crime, you must seek legal advice to ensure you don't lose whatever status you've already gained to become a citizen. A conviction for many types of crimes, even minor crimes, can lead to deportation. Don't plead guilty without knowing the immigration consequences. Talk to a criminal defense attorney before you take any steps that could change your life.

Other Consequences

In addition to these, you could lose your right to vote. You could lose your right to carry a firearm. Your ability to get a home loan may be impacted and more. Your military service may be affected. These are consequences that criminal defense lawyer Janet Altschuler can defend against.

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