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February 2012 Archives

Supreme Court issues ruling on when Miranda rights apply

Most people in Arizona who watch crime or police dramas on television are likely familiar with the Miranda rights that are frequently recited on such shows. They have become such a part of popular culture that people unfamiliar with criminal defense could probably say them without much trouble. The law surrounding when they apply, however, can be complex. And the Supreme Court added to that complexity with a recent ruling regarding when a prisoner must be read his Miranda rights.

Arizona man released on felony charges a suspect in two murders

In criminal proceedings, the government is charged with meeting the highest burden required by the law: to prove guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. In addition, to obtain a conviction, the government must prove each element of the crimes that they allege the suspect committed. These cornerstone tenets of criminal law were on full display when police released a man suspected of eight felonies after the Maricopa County Attorney's Office lacked enough evidence to proceed with its case.

Man faces felony aggravated assault charges in Arizona

Earlier this month, a son came to visit his father in his Arizona home. The son, however, was facing numerous felony charges in another state and, as a condition of his bail, was required to notify the courts if he left the state. After getting into an argument with his father, he now faces a felony charge here in Arizona.

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