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May 2012 Archives

Non-fatal strangling gets new felony status in majority of states

Defendants accused of domestic violence in Arizona and around the country may be interested to know that approximately 30 states have made nonfatal choking a felony crime during the course of the last decade. Choking or attempted strangulation was typically a misdemeanor crime because police and prosecutors had trouble proving the crime based on the often limited evidence of any wrong doing.

Arizona police arrest man accused of murder

One man residing in Arizona was recently arrested in connection for his alleged role in the January murder of a man in another state. According to court documents, a witness in the case supposedly saw the suspect and two others commit the murder. The other suspects were arrested in February for their alleged involvement with the crime.

Arizona tattoo parlor employee accused of sexual assault

An Arizona body piercer is facing sex crime charges stemming from an alleged sexual assault that took place on April 5. The alleged incident took place at a tattoo parlor where the accuser went to have her nose and lip pierced. She claims that the body piercer exposed himself and inappropriately touched her after she asked about a genital piercing.

Study links economic conditions to jump in domestic violence

A new study reports that there has been an increase in domestic violence incidents across the country, and it links the rise to an economy seemingly reluctant to embrace a full-scale recovery. The study included data from 700 law enforcement agencies around the country--likely including Arizona--and compared the number of domestic violence calls in 2011 to the total in 2010. Overall, there was a noticeable increase from one year to the next, and some individual police departments saw a marked jump in domestic violence reports.