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Arizona police arrest man accused of murder

One man residing in Arizona was recently arrested in connection for his alleged role in the January murder of a man in another state. According to court documents, a witness in the case supposedly saw the suspect and two others commit the murder. The other suspects were arrested in February for their alleged involvement with the crime.

Police officers revealed that they had been tracking the man across the country since February. He has been charged with second-degree murder, a felony offense, and a judge placed his bond at $500,000. Law enforcement officers say the man used a number of false names to avoid detection, but that they found him because he used one name for too long. While Arizona has agreed to the suspect's extradition to face the murder charges, Arizona officials are considering filing charges of their own.

Felonies encompass a broad range of crimes. While each charge carries its own penalty, being charged and convicted of a felony can have long lasting and significant implications for the accused, regardless of which crime was allegedly committed.

Felony convictions can affect a person's ability to receive student, home or car loans, his or her right to vote, and even the ability to qualify for government benefits. Most of today's employers require any felony to be disclosed and often require consent to background checks as a condition of employment. Having a felony of any kind can make obtaining a job a difficult endeavor.

While not guaranteed, there are methods of reversing some of the more long lasting consequences of a felony conviction. Arizona law allows those convicted of a felony to request a motion for the felony to be set aside. If the judge grants the motion, lost rights and benefits can be given back to the accused.

Source: South County Mail, "Murder Suspect Arrested in Arizona," Emily Griffeth, May 9, 2012.

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