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Police arrest man for allegedly stalking his ex

Domestic violence is a serious crime that carries with it serious consequences for all involved. Those accused of domestic violence face the possibility of incarceration, among other penalties. Many states are beginning to focus in on the rising incidents of domestic violence with increased training and new laws aimed at protecting victims and punishing perpetrators.

A man in Chandler, AZ was recently arrested after allegedly stalking his ex-girlfriend. The arrest took place after a supposed incident at the woman's workplace where the man was said to have harassed her. Police reported that the woman had a protective order against that man but they could not arrest him during the past eight months because they did not have enough evidence against him. The man, who is a locksmith, had allegedly said he could break into the woman's home at any time he wished. After installing a security system and steel screens, the man's ex eventually sold her home and is considering moving out of state to escape his alleged obsession.

Had the woman been renting her home she could have taken advantage of an Arizona law which allows victims of domestic abuse to break their leases without penalties. The Arizona Residential Landlord and Tenant Act has been in effect since 2007. Under the law individuals who present their landlord with a protective order or a police report can terminate their lease without being on the hook for future rent payments or losing their security deposit.

Domestic violence is a very broad topic which includes altercations between family members as well as individuals romantically involved with one another. The consequences of a domestic violence conviction can be far reaching and effectively change a person's life. A strong criminal defense may help to ensure that the false allegations are squashed and that the consequences of allegation or a conviction do not create issues for future employment or other legal rights.

Source: East Valley Tribune, "Chandler police arrest stalking suspect," Steve Kuzj, Nov. 7, 2012

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