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Pair accused of assault and robbery

Two men in Arizona were taken into custody for their alleged involvement in a suspected sexual assault and robbery that occurred on Sept. 20. The men were arrested after police performed a traffic stop in Mesa. The 20-year-old man was arrested on one count of armed robbery and on suspicion of being an accomplice to the sexual assault. The 28-year-old male was arrested for an outstanding warrant in Washington and suspected possession of marijuana.

5 detained in 2-state escort service

On Sept. 2, Arizona law enforcement officers took five people into custody for their alleged involvement in an escort service after an anonymous tip resulted in an 18-month investigation that began in April 2013. The company reportedly had ties to San Diego in addition to the Phoenix headquarters. Authorities claimed that the individuals were using a limousine company as a cover for the business which was allegedly funded by prostitution. A 40-year-old man and a 24-year-old woman were held for illegal control of an enterprise, money laundering and sex crimes including running a house of prostitution.

18-year-old facing over 300 years if convicted for serial rape

Sex crimes, especially those involving children, are commonly viewed with contempt and those who commit them are viewed as subhuman animals deserving the worst punishments possible. This blind hatred of such a horrible act can lead people to vilify the accused before guilt is even established. The stigma of sex crimes is so great that people's negative perceptions can continue even when a suspect is proven innocent. The falsely accused face a long road to reclaiming their good name and public image.

New Arizona law makes 'revenge porn' a felony charge

Being charged with a sex crime can be damaging to a person's reputation, career and personal life. For those who are facing a certain type of sex crime charge in Arizona, the penalties have just gotten much more severe.

Former NFL player indicted on multiple charges in Arizona

People travel a lot nowadays, whether for work or pleasure. Sometimes these individuals find themselves the center of a criminal investigation, which could lead to criminal charges in each state. These allegations can threaten an individual's personal and professional life as well as his or her freedom. Thus, when this happens, the accused individual should seek a competent legal defense in order to protect him or herself from unjust punishment.

Online ad leads to arrest of over 30 men for alleged sex crimes

Authorities in Arizona are cracking down on sex crimes, and in some cases, using aggressive tactics to identify and arrest people suspected of such crimes. Such investigative techniques may produce arrests, but can sometimes blur the lines between constitutional conduct. With the reputations and futures of those accused on the line, it can be vital to fight charges with the same aggressive nature from which they came.

Man arrested for alleged sexual relationship with teenager

Society changes as the world around it changes. There was once a time when people rarely lived to the age of 50. Possibly due to their short life expectancy, it was widely accepted in society for teenagers to marry and start a family. While that may have been appropriate and even necessary during that period of history, the world has changed and so has the expectations involving teenagers, adults and sex.

Arizona program tries to help former sex workers

The American legal system is one of trial and error. Laws are created by a group of individuals, usually men, who sometimes have little practical experience in the area for which the law is suppose to govern. This method of law creation may explain why sex workers, who are usually victims themselves, are subject to laws that seek to punish them rather than help.

Police arrest man accused of multiple sexual assaults

Crimes involving alleged sexual abuse can be hard for the public to stomach. The act of forcefully taking what is normally given in love or pleasure can so incite individuals that a mere accusation is all that is needed to damage the reputation and professional life of the accused. The public at large holds sexual crimes with such disdain that one instance of misjudgment can require a lifetime of public penance in the form of the sex offender registry.

Arizona senator under investigation for alleged sex abuse

Foster care and adoption have a long and mostly positive history in the United States. But as awareness and reporting advance, in recent years there have been more cases of child abuse and neglect from adoption situations. Crimes of a sexual nature, especially those performed against children or the disabled are viewed as especially heinous in the United States. The crimes are so despised that even an allegation of such an act can be enough to effectively ruin an individual's life regardless of whether or not the claim is true.

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